Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poland - Why?

In one month's time, we will officially be on the road in Poland. Kind of scary, as I'm definitely not in good-enough cycling shape and will be sucking a lot of Polish wind for the first week or so.

It's a weird trip in many ways. First off, it's hard for me to believe I'd ever go to Poland without a compelling family reason to do so. I mean, what's in Poland? Death camps, the blood of centuries, Commies, sausages; not exactly a trip to the beach (except for the sausages). Also, Poland's getting more expensive, and tourism's taking a hit. Don't forget that residents have been spending the past two-hundred years leaving Poland, except when they weren't allowed to (Thanks Uncle Joe!). To travel to Poland, you have to live within 500 miles, be a history buff or be a huge sucker for national advertising. Put us firmly in column B.

Of course the upshot is that we might meet incredible people and have mindblowing experiences, after which we'll trumpet Poland's countless benefits from the mountaintops. Watch this space for the inside scoop!
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Richard said...

I envy you your adventure! Your blog promises to offer a vision of contemporary Eastern Europe hopefully tempered by an anecdotal retrospective of your ancestors lives. Much of my family came from the Lodz/Kutno area, and my wife's from Czestokowa (or some such spelling). You'll be seeing it all and I look forward to following you on your journey. I'll make it their eventually, but more likely by an energy wasting automobile.

Dick Goldman