Thursday, June 26, 2008

There's something in the air...

That's not smog. Or fog. It's smoke. And where there's smoke, there are thousands of fires throughout the Bay Area, turning our usually romantic city into a disgusting, polluted ashcan. Unless there's a nuclear war going on somewhere somebody forgot to tell us about.

I just got back from the top of Bernal Hill, where I took in the smoky sunset (and took these pictures), and now my throat feel chapped. I haven't felt this nasty, respiratorily speaking, since I went to Bangkok. My eyes are watering. It SMELLS like smoke. I guess that's the price we pay for no rain half the year.

Not the kind of weather one should do much cycling in - better to stay in and write demented poetry and read depressing Cormac McCarthy novels. It'll be interesting to see what the pollution situation will be like, and associated cycling ramifications, over in the post-industrial Eastern Bloc.

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Karla said...

Although the sky still looks really bad (it reminds me of Bangkok), the air quality is actually moderate, according to this site:

There is a compilation of international sites as well, although I don't know how helpful they are if you can't read Polish....